Amazon Suspension – Why It Happens And How You Can Prevent It?

Amazon Suspension – Why It Happens And How You Can Prevent It?

Are you wondering about the Amazon suspension appeal? Sellers can get dropped Amazon regularly for seemingly no reason, yet the suspension is not a joke & this should also be treated quickly to ignore entire account deactivation. Amazon also conflicts to deliver the best client experience & that is why they have put in place tight policies that the sellers need to follow. Any seller who breaches these terms and policies either gets suspended or banned permanently.  

Are you willing to know about Amazon suspension help? The common reasons why Amazon account gets suspended are: 

Negative Feedback  

Poor seller work will get you dangled as quickly as the major policy violation. The only difference is that it is easy to be reflected. In many cases, sellers got the fifteen minutes after filling out the appeal form sent to them. Assure you only have a few negative reviews as a lot would indicate to Amazon that you are not delivering the good service for their users. This is also reflected in the Order Defect Rate. 

Having Various Accounts 

Clearly, these policies state that no seller can open more than one account. If you can overlook this, you are not alone. Only a very few people generally read the service term of the website, also including Amazon’s. Whatever the cause is, opening a 2nd or 3rd account seller account will get you dropped every time. While you and another seller will use the same internet connection, you could also get falsely alerted because they thought you are using multiple accounts for the same IP address. So you should read these terms and conditions very carefully. 

Selling Counterfeit Items

Amazon generally prides itself on delivering the best quality items to its clients. One whiff of a seller proving inauthentic elements will also result in the Amazon account suspension quickly. You can also be needed to furnish the documents to prove the authenticity of any products, such as the Trademark certificate of registration if you are a brand owner, the Authorization letter from a brand owner permitting you to sell said items, & some other document which show the valid supply chain. You can also search about Amazon suspension Appeal to know about Amazon suspension in detail.

Selling Restricted Items

Sellers cannot sell such products which are restricted on Amazon. There are some categories and products which are restricted. So, you should be aware of this. It means you can also have to submit to many stringent norms, like quality control, safety inspection, etc. Any rule violation on the restricted items can result in account suspension, destruction of the inventory if you are utilizing FBA & legal action if the things are illegal.

High Shipment Rate

Maximum client complaints stem from late deliveries. As fulfilled by the Merchant seller, your late shipment rate also should be under four percent in the thirty days to ignore the Amazon seller suspension.


You are already aware of the exact reasons for your suspension, so you do not need to be about it anymore. Read the terms and conditions carefully and do your best to achieve the ultimate success in this field. You can also get a lot of websites to know about Amazon suspension help.