Email Marketing Strategies you’ve never thought about

Email Marketing Strategies you’ve never thought about

You’ve probably heard of several marketing strategies such as hyperpersonalization, giveaways, segmentation, re-engagement, CTA’s optimization, monitoring metrics, AB Testing, visuals and more but, today we’ll talk about some other strategies you’ve might haven’t heard before that certainly have worked at Hustler Marketing, Ecommerce Email Marketing Agency

To guarantee a good email marketing effort is important to measure your results, and as you already know, for email marketing the overall performance also includes deliverability and IP reputation so try to align your strategy each time to whatever works best for your audience.

Here are some strategies you should definitely consider for Email Marketing:

  • A/B Testing

Try to split test your campaigns as much as possible to make sure which version of the email works best for your store. Must of the Email Marketing Platforms offer services or tools to AB test so that’s easier for brands to keep track and optimize.

  • Optimize for Mobile

Make your emails mobile-friendly to provide a great user experience for your subscribers and increase engagement and conversions. To do so, make sure to follow these tips: Keep it short, use responsive design and test your CTA (call to action).

  • Use a Catchy Email Signature

The email signature make your emails look professional and helps building trust and therefore, helps with connecting with your audience while showing a glimpse of your brand’s personality. Make sure to keep it simple, add necessary links (social media and homepage) and, ensure consistent branding so that it’s aligned to your design guidelines.

  • Use short Subject Lines

Subject lines play an important role in an email marketing campaign’s success, when creating a subject line, you should focus on the content, the number of characters used and the creativity. Ideally 6-10 word are recommended for subject lines to help increase the Open Rate, if this one shows as well the sense of urgency it also increases this metric by around 22%.

  • Track the right Metrics

Identify the metrics you need to monitor to assess your email marketing campaign’s performance and optimize as needed. Some of the metrics you should definitely consider are: Bounce Rate, Unsubscribe Rate, Open Rate, Email Signup and, List Growth. Of course there are more metrics you can always track to improve your deliverability and performance but these are the most important an basic ones you should always keep an eye on to understand your audience behaviour and the strategy that works best for them.

Keep in mind that the most effective way to proof your email marketing strategy is to test your email campaigns so that you’re able to avoid any mistakes, such as typos, errors, bounces and other types of mistakes that could have been preventend if you previewed and test your campaign emails and, if by any chance you still have a goofup take a look at these 10 Examples Of The Best Correction Or Apology Emails and take advantage of your mistake, we can asure you – by experience – these type of emails perform better than expected.