What Are The HR Trends For 2022?

What Are The HR Trends For 2022?

Some shifts have occurred in the way we work since we try to adapt to the changes brought by the COVID-19 pandemic. The next step is to efficiently determine how to deal with such changes and efficiently handle worker compensation Fort Myers, FL. It also matters that we know how we can ride along with the wave of transformation that rippled in the past years. With that, here are some key HR developments that we should look out for in 2022.

A rise in internal mobility and the shift in the hiring process

As promotion can pave a path to progress and reap maximum productivity and budgetary benefits, internal mobility is perceived to further rise in 2022. As LinkedIn’s Workplace Learning Report 2021 showed, employees in high internal mobility companies stay twice as long compared to their low mobility counterparts.

Managing multigenerational workforces

For the first time, there is a possibility of the workforce having five different generations in the workplace simultaneously. The multigenerational workforce now includes both the traditionalists and the young minds born and raised in the 21st century. Some of the biggest questions include how to manage a multigenerational workforce and whether the mindset of working from an age perspective is necessary. 

Revamping employee perks and benefits 

Employee benefits went through some changes as time passed by, and the onset of the pandemic has further revealed that the things that make employees happier in their job were nothing related to being in the office. Employees want discounts or subsidies on personal stuff outside of work that sustains basic needs and prefers recognition for their hard work even as they work from home today. 

A recent study from  University of Mississippi and Kansas State University’s Novak Leadership Institute showed that younger workers are more concerned about being treated and valued as team members. Additionally, they also value having respect as a person who also has a life outside of work. 

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