Top 10 Business Ideas in 2023

Top 10 Business Ideas in 2023

As the year wraps up, you may be planning your resolutions for 2023. This year, consider starting your own business in addition to your personal goals. Don’t know where to start? Here are 10 good small business ideas to inspire you this coming year.  

  1. Amazon FBA/Dropshipping 

Sell your own products from the comfort of your home without the stress of shipping off orders. Dropshippers manage their own businesses without maintaining inventory. Instead, a third party warehouses their products until an order is made and needs fulfillment. Programs like Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) help sellers by picking, packing and shipping products after a purchase has been completed. DSers, a Shopify app, helps independent business owners find products to sell to strengthen and build their business.  

  1. Healthy Vending  

The demand for healthy snacking continues to grow, so why not rise to meet the occasion? The healthy vending business concept allows entrepreneurs to meet the health food needs of consumers on-the-go. Vending machines receive a lot of foot traffic, especially when placed in high-profile areas, and you can manage them remotely from the comfort of your own home. Aside from regular restocks and occasional maintenance, a healthy vending business is mostly virtual, allowing you to call the shots on how your business is run.

  1. Mobile Drip IV Business

IV Hydration Centers are the latest health trend as we head into 2023. They’re the perfect place to rest up while getting infusion therapy. Mobile drip businesses provide outpatient care through IVs that deliver nutrients, antibiotics, electrolytes and other medications depending on their needs. Help patients hydrate, get nourishment and feel like their best selves by starting an IV Hydration Center. This business concept does require medical expertise.

  1. Personal Trainer/Wellness Coach 

Wellness coaches and personal trainers work one-on-one with clients to help them live healthier lifestyles and meet their personal health and wellness goals. This can include creating nutrition or fitness plans, monitoring weight loss or meeting several times a week to work out. Becoming a personal trainer or nutritionist requires education and certifications. A wellness coach takes a holistic approach to overall health and may work individually with clients or in a corporate setting. 

  1. Virtual Assistant  

The past few years have opened doors to a new generation of entrepreneurs and remote workers. People are busy in a new way and they need help. Virtual assistants cover just about every area imaginable, from bookkeeping and small business management, to scheduling, customer service, running errands, social media, marketing and more. Zone in on your areas of expertise and start seeking your ideal clients. They’re out there and they need your assistance.   

  1. Podcasting 

Podcasting doesn’t just have to be a hobby; it can make some serious bank too. With clear goals, a passion for your subject and a willingness to commit, you can create your own business and start podcasting professionally. The world of podcasts is taking off, both for creators and listeners, so hop on the bandwagon and begin growing your own podcast in 2023.  

  1. Remote Tutor  

The demand for tutors continues to rise, as students of all ages race to fill gaps in their education due to the chaos of 2020 and beyond. Remote tutoring is ideal for teachers, subs, parents and college students. If you’re a subject matter expert, experienced in test prep or just really love teaching, remote tutoring is a great business to start in 2023. Seek clients through teachers and guidance counselors at your local school, homeschool groups, even colleges. Your future students need you. 

  1. Drone photography/videography 

The sky is the limit, literally, when it comes to the possibilities of a drone photography and videography business. Drone footage is being used in commercials, ads and marketing campaigns by hundreds of businesses every day and the market continues to grow. With a drone license and a camera, you can start your own drone photography business to capture breathtaking scenery that everyone can appreciate.  

  1. Cleaning service  

In the current world, everyone’s schedule is packed full of time crunches and there often aren’t enough hours in the day. Sometimes, things have to be cut out to keep life moving, but your cleaning service can ensure that no one has to sacrifice a clean home for the sake of a busy schedule. Cleaning services are in high demand, so build a clientele now while maintaining your own flexible hours and pay with you at the helm.  

  1. Mobile detailing  

With life back to business as usual—and maybe even busier than ever—the last thing most people have is time to spend hours waiting for their car to be cleaned and detailed. Heading into 2023, people will be looking to maximize the hours they can squeeze out of a day. A mobile car detailing business can provide exterior car washes, interior deep cleaning, engine cleaning, tar and bug removal and more, giving car owners back their pride of ownership—and a few hours in their day. 

There are so many different business options to consider when designing the business of your dreams. Find what works for you, build a plan and jump in to make your business aspirations a reality in 2023.  

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