Understanding the Causes for Divorce In North Carolina

Understanding the Causes for Divorce In North Carolina

North Carolina is seeing a consistent rise in divorce and family law issues in the present times. North Carolina’s grounds for Absolute Divorce, such as incurable insanity, indignities, drug abuse, adultery, and spousal impoverishment, underscore the state’s commitment to addressing critical marital issues through legal channels. These provisions aim to ensure equitable treatment and effective resolution in divorce proceedings, prioritizing fairness and justice for all parties involved. 

Absolute Divorces commonly involve additional court orders concerning matters like the fair division of marital assets, spousal support, child custody, and child support. 

Incurable Insanity

    If a married couple has lived separately and apart for three years due to the incurable insanity of one spouse, an absolute divorce may be approved. Establishing incurable insanity necessitates expert testimony from two physicians regarding the nature of the insanity, with one of these doctors being a psychiatrist affiliated with one of North Carolina’s medical schools. A Monroe NC Divorce Attorney can help you find and establish substantive evidence for establishing such medical conditions.


      This ground serves as a broad category for divorce. Indignities typically refer to behaviors that make a spouse’s situation intolerable and life difficult. This can encompass actions such as humiliation, continuous verbal abuse, repeated unfounded accusations of adultery, and similar conduct, which a divorce attorney can establish after carefully reviewing your case. This is why people often prefer attorneys who are adept at court-craft.

      Drug abuse

        Drug abuse can significantly impact the dynamics and stability of a marriage. When one spouse’s consumption of drugs or alcohol reaches a point where it creates unbearable living conditions for the other spouse, it can be grounds for seeking a Divorce from Bed and Board. This legal action allows the affected spouse to file a petition in the court for separation, typically resulting in a court order for the abusing spouse to vacate the marital home. If a spouse’s excessive drug or alcohol use makes living conditions intolerable for the other spouse, a Divorce may be sought based on this reason. 


          Adultery is a significant marital issue with legal implications in North Carolina, where it can serve as grounds for seeking a Divorce. If one spouse engages in adultery, the other spouse may seek a Divorce from Bed and Board. However, the spouse claiming this ground must substantiate the adulterous relationship with adequate proof.

          Spousal impoverishment 

            It refers to the situation where one spouse recklessly or irresponsibly dissipates (spends or wastes) the income and assets that belong to the marital estate, leaving the other spouse in a state of financial hardship or destitution. This ground for divorce recognizes the serious impact of financial mismanagement or misconduct within a marriage.

            Understanding these causes and the legal framework in North Carolina can help individuals navigate the divorce process more effectively and make informed decisions about their future.