What Are The Wear Symptoms Of A Catalytic Converter?

What Are The Wear Symptoms Of A Catalytic Converter?

The catalytic converter is one of the wearing parts of your car; it must be changed every 100,000 to 200,000 kilometers depending on its condition. When it is deteriorated or clogged with impurities, you may encounter the following situations when driving your car:

  • The engine warning light is on: it is triggered because the vehicle’s antipollution system no longer works correctly, the engine will operate in degraded mode;
  • An increase in fuel consumption: the engine will compensate by consuming more fuel, whether it runs on gasoline or diesel;
  • A loss of power: it will be more and more difficult for you to drive at high speed because the catalytic converter, as well as the lambda sensor, do not work typically;
  • A metallic noise is heard: when the ceramic of the catalytic converter is damaged, it can fragment, detach and stagnate in the vehicle’s exhaust line;
  • Engine jerks and stalls occur: the engine will be damaged and cannot ensure smooth operation.

How To Clean A Catalytic Converter?

If you want to clean your catalytic converter, you will have the choice between 3 distinct options:

  • Professional cleaning: this service is carried out in a car mechanic workshop. 
  • You can add a dedicated cleaning product; you need to buy a product dedicated to cleaning the catalytic converter from an automotive supplier. Pour it into the fuel tank after being half full and drive for an hour on a motorway lane;
  • The use of an anti-rust product: if you are in the presence of rust on the pot, it is necessary to treat the problem quickly by spreading an anti-rust product over the entire room.

Before calling a professional, you can start by cleaning the pot yourself. Do not hesitate to monitor its condition regularly and consult your maintenance book to know when it will be necessary to change it depending on your car’s current mileage. Search for catalytic converter refining

As soon as one of the components of the engine’s emission control system is degraded, the engine can no longer function as it should, which can cause more severe damage to the vehicle!