Quick Tactics For Successful Data Center Consolidation

Quick Tactics For Successful Data Center Consolidation

Datacenter consolidation is sometimes referred to as data center migration. If you want to do it successfully, you need to follow some strategies. Since it’s a somehow complicated process, you need to carry it out with a lot of caution. Your data center is the backbone of your business, so anything to do with it requires extra attention. Keep in mind that data center consolidation is risky as it could lead to all your data loss to avoid this, you should consider working with providers like CentricsIT. So, you have to take utmost care when dealing with network infrastructure. Below find quick tactics for successful data center consolidation.

Understand Its Real Cost

Consolidating your data center goes a long way in saving you money in the long run. The process might be expensive to undertake, but the results are worth the try. Before you start the process of your data center consolidation, you need to find out what you’ll achieve. First, you’ll heighten your network’s security as you reduce the number of physical data centers. Furthermore, data center consolidation saves on management and disaster costs. Once you’re convinced of getting these benefits, go ahead and start your data center migration.

Evaluate Your Current and Desired Network Environment

You need to evaluate your current and desired network environment for successful data center consolidation. Figure out what you want in the new network environment. In doing so, you’ll have a clear idea of where you’ll need to improve the most. In addition, evaluating your current needs allows you to anticipate some of the challenges in the future. So, you’ll be better armed to solve problems before they even arise.

Plan Accordingly How You’ll Carry Out The Entire Process

Without a solid plan, your data consolidation efforts can never bear fruits. You should consider the entire process and then plan accordingly. When it comes to the financial aspect, look for ways to get the amount needed and use them for the intended purpose. This way, you’ll be more than prepared to undertake your company’s data center migration. Also, organize the communication channels you’ll be using to update your employees. Once all things are in place, you are sure to have a successful process.

Upgrade Your Equipment

Datacenter consolidation will work much better when new equipment is put in place. Ensure that you refurbish old network infrastructure if you want success. As such, new and upgraded models improve business efficiency while reducing costs. Your data center consolidation should aim at offering these benefits anyway.

What you could do with the ghost servers

Each data center has some zombie/idle/ ghost servers that use up power without providing many benefits. As you carry out data center consolidation, you’ll need to figure out what you’ll do with those ghost servers. You could for instance decommission or get rid of them. In doing so, you’ll make savings on power usage and even improve your data center’s efficacy.

Your data center consolidation is essential for your business and customers. But before you make it a success, you have to follow some tactics. By setting up a plan and upgrading your equipment, among other strategies, you can be sure of a successful data center consolidation.