Surface Tiles Make Playgrounds Safe

Surface Tiles Make Playgrounds Safe

A playground is an important part of childhood socialization. The diversity of people’s differing physical abilities should be embraced in the public arena. All public playgrounds by law should be made easily accessible to differently-abled children as well as be safe for grandparents. Textured surface tiles can create a space in a play area that is easily navigated by the blind, elderly, and wheelchair bound. The truncated dome humps in tactile paving systems create a no-slip surface in dangerous areas to prevent accidental falls. The surface indicator pads alert visually impaired persons to dangerous crossings, curbs, stairs, and entrances when they feel the domes underfoot or under cane. 


The installation of surface tiles in and around a playground area can be quick, and the tiles can be easily maintained for years without replacement. To install, the tiles are cut, glued, and screwed into place by an ADA-approved construction worker. The tiles can later be cleaned with a normal soap and water solution, or pressure washed along with the concrete. Surface tiles are made of industrial rubber and so are very sturdy and long lasting. The tiles are made with sidewalk compatibility in mind and will fit most preexisting curbs and sidewalk areas. Aside from protecting the playground from lawsuits and injuries, installing safety features will increase the overall value of the property. It makes walkways and intersections more aesthetically pleasing also, making them appear more neat, complete, and finished.

Cost Effective

Installing ADA texture tiles can be one of the more affordable upgrades a park can make for the amount of money it costs to install the technology. Tactile paving is so important for safety, it is required for most public-school playgrounds and public spaces. Cross walks and building entrances must by law accommodate the visually impaired and handicapped. Show community spaces some love and take this cost-effective and easy step towards that goal. The rubber pavement tile is made from affordable material, making the installation the most costly part of the addition. If your playground needs an upgrade or it’s still in the planning stages, it is important to consider textured alert pavement tiles an integral part of the playground’s infrastructure and longevity. 

Making a play space accessible for everyone fosters a sense of respect and consideration for diversity in young children that they will carry with them into adulthood. It also gives handicapped children self-esteem, which helps them to fit in with their community. They should be able to play on the same playground as everyone else and feel comfortable and welcome doing so.