5 Strategies to Improve Core Web Vitals | Digital Marketing

Did you know that 54% of web traffic comes from organic search? This is relevant to consider if your company wants to apply their marketing strategies on several online platforms. If your site or web page is user-centered, friendly, and adheres to the newest Google Web Core Vitals, the number of your website visits and chance to make it to the top of organic search results would consequently be higher.

With a little dash of your competitive will and a lot of it from the excellent Search Engine Optimization (SEO) company you would hire, online marketing should not be much of a burden. Are you looking for the best SEO Philippines company? Look no further than Digital Marketing Philippines. As an SEO Philippines company, they have marketing professionals equipped with efficient and proper knowledge on how to make good content for your site, as well as a solid capability to perform these strategies in improving your company’s core web vitals:

Optimizing Images

Lack of image and element stability is one of the main reasons users give up on scrolling down a webpage. Optimizing or making them less heavy can be more stable and offer a smoother browsing experience.

Stabilizing Loading by Specifying Room for Images, etc

To make your webpage more pleasing to the eyes, dedicating specific spaces to put all images and advertisements can undoubtedly help. 

Speeding Up Server

Investing in a speedy server is the best option to get that loading time down. When a web page takes too much time to open, users tend to close the whole page and look for alternatives, which would do no good with your web traffic count.

Minimizing Critical CSS

With complicated design bits in your webpage, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) that describe how HTML elements are displayed on a screen, paper, or other media tend to slow down. Minimizing this, however, can make your visuals appear to load faster.

Improving Loading of Third-Party Scripts

Third-party scripts such as web page advertisements typically slow down the loading process. By reducing these or hosting the script, web page performance can be improved.

Do you want to learn more strategies that Digital Marketing Philippines can implement on your webpage? Check this infographic.