All That You Must Know About Metal Products Sourcing From China

All That You Must Know About Metal Products Sourcing From China

Due to rapid industrialisation in China, the steel output of the country has expanded, reducing the metal items cost created in China significantly, as compared to the other countries. After 1978, the steel industry began to take off as a result of rigorous economic development, which resulted in lower cost.

China is now one of the biggest producers of steel and other metals at the moment of the world. Despite this, global demand for steel as well as other metal goods continues to rise. This need is especially felt in the automotive, aerospace, and construction industries, and it continues to boost the metal output of China.

Indeed, corporations all around the world continue to benefit from the metal products made in China. They do it by contacting the Chinese enterprises in Hebei and a few other top steel-producing areas to manufacture steel and metal products.

We all know that metal goods are used as raw materials in a variety of industries, including electronics, automobiles, and home appliances. By 2011, China had surpassed the United States as the greatest steel production country in the world, delivering 45% of the steel produced in the world. 

These figures and context are intended to reassure you that purchasing metal goods from China is a sound and profitable business decision.

Locations of China where steel production is high

Hebei, which is located in the north-eastern part of China and surrounds Beijing is the leading steel-producing province in China. Its two most important sectors are iron and steel production. The two leading manufacturers, for example, are:

  • Hebei Iron & Steel  
  • Tangshan Guofeng Iron and Steel. 

In 2017, the province produced 191 million tonnes of steel, accounting for almost 20% of the total output of China.

Other significant steel producers are also based in Shanghai, a municipality on the eastern coast side of China, known as Sichuan. It is, in reality, the largest steel producer of West China. There is also Shandong, which is directly south of Hebei, and Xinjiang, which is in the northwest. Many of the leading steel companies of the country are based in these areas.

The following different metal products made in China can be procured at a very high price as well as in high demand in China.

  • Iron ore

You may think that iron ore is only found in China. However, it is not, China imports more than almost one billion metric tonnes of iron goods each year to meet its own needs, thus becoming one of the greatest importers of the world. 

Because of this, the steel or metal goods you buy from China are likely to contain iron ore that China imports from other countries. You may import this metal as raw material from China and use it in appliances, devices, and even construction materials. 

Due to this, because iron is imported, the pricing of products derived from iron ore may be slightly more than other metal products.

  • Copper

Copper is extremely important to the economy of China. As a result of the efforts of the government, any metal product containing copper will be much easier to buy. 

Copper-based metal items may be more expensive to obtain as a result of the developing copper shortage, which means you may need to maintain a lower profit margin. Or, even if you do find products of copper metal at a good price, even then you cannot count on that price to stay consistent over time.

  • Nickel

The Chinese steel sector also imports nickel from Indonesia. This is because stainless steel, which is particularly popular for domestic appliances, notably pots and fry pans, consumes 67% of the nickel supply of the world. 

With such a big demand for nickel, sourcing stainless steel from China could be a good option. However, you should keep in mind that because demand exceeds supply, the price may rise at any time.

Custom metal fabrication needs 

Custom metal production presents several issues, one of which is the wide net it casts. Metalworking custom fabrication can range from small metal parts used in manufacturing to massive structural steel components used in building and various construction projects. 

While both requirements lie under the umbrella of ‘metal fabrication,’ they are vastly different in terms of design, size, and application.

With diverse China facilities, a few Chinese sourcing agencies can cover the complete gamut of custom metal fabrication. Metal casting, metal hardware, aluminium extrusions, mould manufacture, steel fabrication, steel frames, and steel stamping are among the services they provide.

These sourcing agents can assure that even the smallest items deliver durability, strength, and reliability if a client requires tiny parts and components. Their hardware team has experience making clamps, hinges, pulls, knobs, and other shower door and glass cabinet hardware. 

Meanwhile, their metal casting team can create metal parts in a variety of materials, including copper, zinc, bronze, nickel, cast iron, and more, to your specifications.

What can you expect from sourcing agents in China?

When dealing with any China Sourcing, for metal products made in China you can expect the same fundamental approach regardless of the sort of fabrication services you need. An email is the first step in this process. They specifically ask that you submit them sketches or photographs of the pieces you need to make. 

Include some of the following basic information about the item you require:

    • The surface finish (powder coated or galvanised)
    • The number of parts that you need them to purchase for you
    • The part or product measurements
  • The material that you want them to use in the email.

They will be able to generate a precise quote based on this information, including how much you will pay for the metal fabrication in China. Their quote comes with no strings attached, so you can shop around with fabricators in Australia to see if you can find a better deal. 

If you choose them as your metal fabricators, simply let them know and they will get your product into their manufacturing pipeline as quickly as feasible.

Outsourcing and low-cost metal products made in China can now be easier than ever before thanks to China Sourcing.