All You Need to Know About Tactile Domes

All You Need to Know About Tactile Domes

Tactile domes are standardized features applied or built in walking areas to alert pedestrians about hazards in specific paths. Tactile domes, in other words, are mats that have raised bumps that warn blind people that they are about to get into parking lots and to look out for vehicle traffic.

Tactile domes are available in different forms, but most people pick the leading option. The masonry paving stone is the third option, but it is costlier. The two leading types of tactile domes are hard plastic domes that are cast in place and soft glue domes applied to a surface. 

Below we discuss all you need to know about a tactile dome

  1. Cast in Place Mats 

Advantages of Cast in Place Mats

The cast in place mats has several advantages, like an easy application. These mats is easily installed into fresh or wet concrete, thus their popularity. The cast in place mats are mainly installed in areas where snow lowing occurs during winter to shun plow damage. 

Some dome manufacturers have made “replacement and removal” mat versions with a fast installation. Cast in place mats is hard since they are made using durable material that is damage-resistant. 

Cast in Place Mats Drawbacks

Cast in place mats are tough and durable but have a few disadvantages you should know, like visual and location appearance. These mats are made using durable material, meaning they do not deteriorate ultimately.  

However, these mats can bend and warp with time due to water and sun damage, creating a raised edge. These mats can create significant hazards for the impaired if they are not fixed immediately. 

Cast in place mats also fade after prolonged sun exposure, creating discolourations that affect an establishment’s aesthetics. These mats cannot be painted, meaning you must replace them if you want beautiful mats. It will help to replace them at least once per year to achieve this.

  1. Glue Down Mats 


Glue down mats occur in different forms, and most are reliable and steady, giving them advantages over other mats. The main advantage of these mats is that they have a better lifespan and have low maintenance. 

Glue down mats is made using woven material that is paintable and repairable. Individual domes get lost once these mats begin to wear out due to water or sun damage. However, the mat surface stays well bonded. It is also possible to replace damaged domes with the help of a skilled contractor. These maintenance practices are cheap. 

The discolouration is also not an issue with these mats because they can be sealed and painted for a low price. It is also possible to use the paint material used on the initial mat to recoat the mats time and again. 

Glue down mats is easy to install, and people can walk over them a few hours after installation. 

Final Thoughts 

Tactile domes are applied in walking areas to alert pedestrians about a particular hazard. They have many advantages, and the above article has discussed some. Kindly reach out for more information.