Certified Payroll Specialist: How to Pick the Right Provider 

Certified Payroll Specialist: How to Pick the Right Provider 

Every company has to calculate, report and remit payroll taxes every quarter. Those who take this process seriously do so by hiring a Certified Payroll Specialist (CPS). You might think your company doesn’t need someone like that, but you’d be wrong. A CPS is specially trained to handle the payroll process in a specific way for companies of all sizes. Understanding the benefits of hiring a CPS and how to pick one can help your company stay compliant and avoid costly mistakes. Choosing the right provider will save you time and money, while ensuring your company’s payroll is completed accurately every time. The following are guiding factors for making the right hiring decision: Expertise and Experience, the scope of services, pricing model, and customer service.

1. Expertise and Experience
Consider CPS certification to ensure your provider has the experience, knowledge, and skill set necessary to handle your specific legal requirements. The credential is offered by the American Payroll Association (APA) through a rigorous process that includes exams, formal education, work experience, and even an online test. The APA has several levels of certification, including the Certified Payroll Manager (CPM), Certified Payroll Processor (CPP), and Certified Payroll Specialist exams.

2. Scope of Services
Another way to ensure you’re hiring the right person is to make sure they have a full understanding of your business and industry. Make sure the payroll provider you hire works only with companies like yours. For example, a CPS who specializes in working with e-commerce companies will know how to keep up with changing tax laws. They’ll be familiar with specific challenges facing this type of business and work around the clock to ensure compliance.

3. Pricing Model
Like any other service, there are multiple ways to pay your payroll company. Figure out what works best for you and your budget. Some providers charge by the hour; others offer monthly or annual plans with flat rates; while others still invoice quarterly or annually for their services. Find out if they offer any discounts for buying in bulk. If you have a more complicated payroll system, you might need more services and incur a higher cost.

4. Customer Service
Customer service is a big differentiator among CPS companies. Payroll isn’t everyone’s favorite topic, so look for a provider who understands the importance of keeping their customers happy. Check to see how long they’ve been in business and what type of customer references they have available. Ask your peers who use CPS services for their recommendations, and ask around on social media sites such as LinkedIn. Look for a company that can offer you more than just straight payroll processing, such as compliance assistance or online tools to help you stay organized.

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