Exante Honest Review

Exante Honest Review

EXANTE is one of the leading global brokers with a rich offer catered to different groups of clients, including individual traders, asset managers, financial institutions, and even FinTech developers. Since its inception in 2011, the company has gained worldwide recognition and earned numerous prestigious awards. In 2023, it was named the Best Multi-Asset Financial Services Firm and the Expert of the Year in Global Capital Market Access by the financial news outlet Wealth & Finance.

These achievements are undeniably impressive, but how do they translate into practical benefits for traders? Read this honest review to discover more details about trading with EXANTE.

Key Advantages of Trading with EXANTE

Here are the core benefits EXANTE’s customers can enjoy:

  1. Vast Trading Capabilities

EXANTE is committed to providing a large variety of diverse products for trading, comprising over 1 million instruments available at the time of publication. Whether you are interested in trading currencies, stocks, ETFs, futures, funds, bonds, or options, you will find a rich product selection on the EXANTE trading platform. Additionally, the broker supports trading metals, including palladium, platinum, gold, silver, and copper, all with attractively low commissions.

The choice of over 50 markets supported by EXANTE is also impressive.

  1. No Account Maintenance Fees

Unlike many other brokers, EXANTE does not charge any account maintenance fees. As an EXANTE customer, you will only need to pay commissions for withdrawals and trading.

In most cases, for withdrawing your funds, you will pay only 30 EUR/GBP or 0.9% of the amount withdrawn, whichever is greater. Meanwhile, users are exempt from paying margin trading fees if margin utilization is kept below 100%.

  1. Streamlined Order Execution

EXANTE pays particular attention to trading speed, which is critical for leveraging market opportunities. To support the stable performance of its trading platform and provide an ultra-low-latency trading environment, the software is supported by 1,100 servers worldwide. As a result, the trading platform executes orders within just 10 milliseconds.

Additionally, EXANTE offers automated trading, which is available to customers after integrating the platform with the FIX API.

  1. Free Demo Version of the Trading Platform

Customers can minimize their financial risks by first getting a good grasp of the trading platform with the free demo version.

The EXANTE demo mode provides free access to the trading platform without a requirement for depositing funds. Furthermore, to practice trading with the demo version, you do not need to go through a comprehensive registration process or document validation. All you need to do is sign up for EXANTE and start trading with virtual funds.

  1. Round-the-Clock Customer Support

Customer support at EXANTE is one aspect particularly valued by its clients. The broker understands the urgency of questions its traders may have and does its best to assist the customers whenever help is needed.

You can reach out to EXANTE experts 24/7 through your preferred medium, such as phone, email, or chat.


What should you keep in mind when deciding to trade with EXANTE? Here are some of the most important considerations:

  1. Minimum Deposit Requirements

A requirement for depositing a certain amount of money to start trading is a standard practice adopted by brokers. In the case of EXANTE, there are two different policies for individual traders and corporate clients.

For private accounts, customers need to transfer at least 10,000 EUR, while corporate accounts require a minimum funding of 50,000 EUR.

  1. Withdrawal Time

While EXANTE itself processes withdrawal requests within a single day, you should be prepared to receive your money within 3-5 working days, which will be determined by the operation of your bank.

  1. Trading Skills

Many users emphasize that EXANTE is particularly useful for advanced traders. Indeed, the rich functionality of this platform, coupled with the API for algorithmic trading, makes the software provided by this broker an ideal choice for users who would like to implement advanced trading strategies.

However, beginning traders should not feel intimidated. As mentioned earlier, the demo account supported by the broker is a perfect place to start exploring the platform’s functionality and practicing trading in general.

Bottom Line

The EXANTE trading platform, combined with its API for algorithmic trading, is designed to be a one-stop solution for traders with different needs, ranging from individual customers to institutions. EXANTE’s offer of tools and products available for trading, as well as access to diverse markets, is truly impressive.

Despite its support for advanced trading, EXANTE can also be used by beginners. With the help of the platform’s demo version, users can gain a solid understanding of trading before making deposits with real money.

On top of that, EXANTE is ready to assist traders at any time. The responsive and helpful customer support provided by this broker is commonly mentioned by customers as one of the strengths of this service.