How Do You Remove Construction Dust In The Air?

How Do You Remove Construction Dust In The Air?

Construction dust poses serious respiratory and breathing problems. Therefore, you must understand how to get rid of dust in the air. Of course, there are precautions you should take to remove any traces of dust from your surroundings. You have to be proactive when it comes to dust control as your health matters. Below let’s find out how to remove construction dust in the air.

Sprinkling water

When using the dust suppression sprinkler units, you can sprinkle water at the source of the dust. Sprinkling water is an economical method for controlling dust, however, the consumption of water is higher. Even then using an efficient delivery system for sprinkling water, you can reduce water consumption hence suppressing dust effectively. Oftentimes the dust suppression units work based on the water fogging sprinkling principle. And with the right fogging systems from BossTek you can eliminate dust from your construction site.

Dust Control Sprays

Usually, the sprays are used for wetting the ground, road, and materials to hold fine dust onto the surface thus preventing dust lift-off. Dust control sprays work as self-rotating sprinklers and have throw distances of 8m to 90m. These sprays can be used as the primary method of controlling airborne dust, especially in coal mines. Most coals are hydrophobic so they do not get wetted by water easily. To address this you can add wetting agents to your spray water to help improve coal wetting while assisting with dust capture,

Through a Vacuum Fitted with a HEPA Filter

The use of a vacuum in getting rid of dust should be your top selection. You can use it to clean the floors, hence removing all dust levels. A HEPA-certified filter does a commendable job. Before mopping the floors, use the vacuum to get rid of most of the dust. Also, never sweep dust with a cloth as that spreads dust particles to the rest of the area. Instead, vacuum the area from the ceiling to the floor area as you move sideways. Pass through door frames and ledges at the top of the windows for even better results.

Re-check your Air Filters

Once your construction job is done, you need to check your vents and air filters. You can vacuum them to get rid of any dust trapped there. Feel free to check and replace them regularly for a healthy environment. Air filters can help trap dust particles in the air to ensure you have clean air in your warehouse. But, if air filters are not cleaned and even replaced regularly, they can lead to more dust in the air. Therefore, it is advisable that you clean your air filters regularly and check for those that might need replacement.

Construction dust comes in many forms and reducing it is mandatory for a safe environment. You can use air filters, fogging systems, and sprays among other ways, to eliminate dust. Remember, construction dust is detrimental to your employees’ health and a major culprit in respiratory issues; therefore, you must control it through the above methods.