How to Create a Fire Evacuation Plan

In order for your business to get its fire safety certificate you must ensure that you have a safety plan in place. No matter whether you have a shop or an office fire safety report plan steps must be taken in order to maximize the security of everyone on the property. One core part of this will be an evacuation plan, that people will follow as soon as the alarm has sounded. If you are setting up a business then here is how to go about getting your evacuation plan in place. 

The Need For Various Plans

It is important that when you come up with your evacuation plan that you consider a range of scenarios that could take place. If you only have one route of evacuation then you will run the risk of that being blocked by the fire, that is why there is a need for multiple exits. 

Making Sure You Have Fire Wardens

It is critical that you have a fire warden on site at all times, who will help people out of the building should a fire break out. The fire warden will understand every step that needs to be taken in the planning and preparation for a fire, as well as to help people out when a fire begins. Your fire warden will need to understand the importance of counting who is in the building and ensuring that they have evacuated safely. 

Determining Routes and Exits

You should have several routes and exits at different places on the premises. The routes should be the lowest risk areas in terms of catching fire, and they should all be well signed so that they can be seen in both light and dark. It is also important that you consider any disabled access that you require for the exits so that everyone is able to get out safely. 

Assembly Point 

All exits should eventually lead to an assembly point outside, at a safe distance from the property. This is going to be critical in making sure that everyone has left the building and have moved to a safe spot. 

Working With Professionals 

Even if you feel confident with the evacuation plan that you have set up, it is going to be important that you use the fire services to help you to ensure that the plan is robust and will work well. Commercial fire protection companies are also an option here, who will come out to the premises and ensure that the evacuation plan has taken everything into consideration. 

Annual Review

Simply setting up an evacuation plan is not enough, you should also look to ensure that it is reviewed on an annual basis and that it is changed whenever there are additions to the building or to the workforce. Checking tools and equipment is also going to be critical, in order to make sure that they are fit for purpose should the time come. 

This is a critical aspect of setting up your business and if you do not have a solid fire evacuation plan in place, your fire safety certificate may not be granted that means you won’t be able to operate.