Incorporating Proper Safety Measures in Warehouses While Operating Pallet Inverters

Incorporating Proper Safety Measures in Warehouses While Operating Pallet Inverters

When you operate any machinery, you need to have the necessary safety precautions in place. The same principle applies to pallet inverters too. No matter how careful you are, accidents are prone to happen and you do not want to risk your life or those of your employees.

Operation of Pallet Inverters

If you are planning to purchase a pallet inverter, ensure that you understand how these machines work. You can even test these machines in companies such as Top Industries Inc. located in Davie, Florida wherein they give a demo of the inverter you are interested in, making it easier for you to make the right decision. They have over 45 years of experience and their team of professionals can guide to in making the right choice.

Pallet inverters are used to transfer old pallets to new pallets. These can also be used to recover damaged pallets from the bottom of the piles. You can choose from different types of pallets depending on the load and your requirements.

Depending on the brand that you purchase, many pallet inverters make use of technology. The basic function of any inverter is to rotate, overturn, and push the pallets. If you opt for manual or semi-automatic inverters, you might need to manually push the load onto the inverter. Sometimes, the machine might not be able to rotate heavy loads and you might have to take turns in batches.

During the overturning process, the load clamped on both sides and then overturned at 120°, and then returned to its original position. The new pallet is then manually replaced with the new one and then overturned and stacked to its original position.

Automatic inverters make it easier to push the load with the help of the push buttons. You need not have to manually stack loads. The controllers will automatically pick the load and push the load forward.

Safety Precautions While Using Pallet Inverters

Pallet inverters are easy to operate but you do need to take certain precautions while using them.

  • Ensure that all your operators are trained on the use of the machinery
  • Operators need to wear safety equipment such as helmets, and ear and eye protection at all times while operating the machinery
  • Ensure that the area where the inverters are operating is empty
  • Familiarize all operators with the machine, where the buttons and levers are located

Pallet inverters are a huge investment, and therefore you need to take proper care of them. They need to be regularly serviced and undergo maintenance. This ensures that the machinery is in perfect working condition. If the machinery is damaged or parts are worn out, ensure to get the same repaired.

Secondly, all your employees need to be aware of the safety rules and precautions in your organization. This not only makes employees focus on working carefully with equipment, but also improves the morale in your organization.

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Pallet inverters when used correctly can help ease your load. Furthermore, they can minimize damages and improve productivity in your organization.