Foam Can Coolers: A Brief Guide

Foam Can Coolers: A Brief Guide

Foam can coolers are can coolers, or koozies, made of foam. They are among one the best choices for insulate can coolers. Foam has a very great capacity for insulation, which is why it is widely used in koozies. 

The foam fabric of koozies is designed to keep the beverage can cold. They also look really great and make your drinking experience fantastic. Since they are insulated, they are really great for keeping your beverage cans cold in the summers. 

However, you can also use your can cooler to keep your beverage hot during winters. Insulation works both ways. 

What is a Good Can Cooler?

You might think that good can coolers are always the ones that provide extended insulation. Well, that’s true, but there is more than just insulation to can coolers. 

People buy can coolers for aesthetic purposes as well. Some people love printing their brands on them; others would even print their pictures on them. A good can cooler has to have the right thickness, must be good at cooling, and must be made of high-quality fabric. 

Tips for Buying

If you are interested in buying a foam can cooler, here are some tips you should consider:

  • Remember the Thickness

Normally, can cooler sleeves come with a thickness of about 4mm. 4mm is good for keeping your drink cold if you are not interested in keeping it cold for an extended time. 

In fact, foam can coolers are designed for those who just want to drink their beverage at the moment without it getting hotter. However, if you want your can cooler to keep your drink cold for a little longer, you can adjust the foam thickness that you want. 

  • Quality

You might have used foam can coolers that didn’t work. Well, that’s because the foam inside it was either not foam or was low-quality foam. 

If you want your can cooler to not disappoint you, you should always buy high-quality can coolers. One example of such high-quality can coolers would be the QualityPerfection foam can cooler, as the name suggests. 

  • Customize Them

You now have the option to order your own customized can cooler. So, instead of going for ready-made can coolers, why not advertise your brand or a message that you want people to hear on your can cooler? 

You can print anything you want on your can cooler. Also, you can order them in different shaped corners and thicknesses. 


Foam can coolers are the best for not only keeping your drink cold for an extended time but also improving the drinking experience in many ways. They come in many shapes and designs and really look great. The key to having a good foam can cooler is to never compromise on quality and the thickness of the fiber.