5 Great Design Ideas For Your High Street Store

5 Great Design Ideas For Your High Street Store

Refreshing your shop design regularly is a great way to ensure customers remain attracted to your retail space. In addition to being curious about new changes, customers will also appreciate the improvements made, as well as the aesthetics and novelty of a new design. Change matters and it is the reason why many retailers place a great emphasis on the rotation of stock and the regular redesign of window displays.

If your shop space hasn’t undergone any interior design changes over the past year, you might already be able to see the telltale signs. Deteriorating retail furniture, for example, as demonstrated by damage or colour fading, indicates that a store’s interior has been neglected, which, as a result, will undermine the quality of any products displayed. 

So, to help inspire your store’s refreshment, we’re sharing five great design ideas that will reinstate your retail space’s quality!

Tactile Experience

Enabling and encouraging customers to get hands-on with products is a driving force behind a new wave of retail. Retailers are appealing to customers by offering in-store experiences that cannot be enjoyed elsewhere, whether it is enjoying a coffee at a Nespresso store or having a makeover at Mac.

Modular Displays

There are certain retail designs that lend themselves to adaptable aesthetics and the most important are modular displays. These retail furniture comprise of elements such as slatwall panels, stackable units, and cable displays. Their interchangeability enables retailers to adapt their arrangement to various designs and products, deterring the need for a regular and entire store overhaul.


One of the elements that most influences how a space is perceived, both in capacity and quality, is light. If a store is unable to properly, and stylishly, illuminate its shopping areas, it will often fail to make a positive impression. Of course, there are exceptions, with the most notable being fashion brand Abercrombie & Fitch, who have made a statement out of encouraging shoppers to experience clothing in near-darkness. However, even this is a form of conscientious decision making. 

If your store lights are not properly supporting your products, highlighting hero items and making your store feel comfortable to be in, then it’s time to rethink your store’s design.

Feature Backdrop

Having customers share their experiences, as well as photos of your products, online is a great way to advertise your store. This is why a greater number of retailers are now designing their retail spaces with stylish backdrops. These statement displays and eye-catching areas encourage customers to photograph their purchases, in turn promoting your store and brand.

Integrate Digital Elements

Whether offering an information point, a digital catalogue, or an augmented reality shopping experience, the integration of digital elements into a brick and mortar shopping space is becoming increasingly popular among retailers because of how effectively it engages customers.

Many of these features remain relatively new and many stores are finding success by becoming early adopters. Clothing brands are enabling customers to change their outfits digitally, supermarkets are seeking to remove the need to check out items manually, and high-end retailers are building personalised shopping experiences around customer profiles.