Marketplace security for seller solved with Marktplatz Sicherheit

Marketplace security for seller solved with Marktplatz Sicherheit

The internet is gradually replacing the physical market and becoming the online marketplace. Millions of retailers and sellers connect with billions of customers who shop online on Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Gambio,,, etc., marketplace security has become the key issue for all these people. Is the online merchant safe from the dangers of hackers, thieves, scheming attackers, and other malware on the internet? We understand the importance of Marktplatz Sicherheit needs of the retailer online.

Threats to the online shop

Though easy and convenient for both the supplier and the customer, the online shop comes with its own unique set of security challenges, mainly from hackers trying to steal from or cause damage to the supplier or retailer account. As a rule, almost all popular marketplace are hacked, but very few cases come to light. Marketplace security is taken care of by platforms such as eBay and Amazon to a certain extent, including malware scan, two-factor authentication, virus scanner, data backup, etc.

Unfortunately, since the number of marketplace seller increases daily, it makes it easier for the hacker to attack individual retailer accounts without affecting the portal giant’s security. The seller is only responsible for their account’s safety, with little responsibility falling to the platform provider.

Opening the third eye to understand the security complications

The sad reality is that many provider in these marketplaces knows very little about what goes on in the background with the operator. The fact that one can set up their online shop within minutes on one of these portals is indeed very enticing for any businessperson. It tends to make the online merchant overlook certain subtle nuances of the online marketplace and its security complications.

A portal driver may be compared to a shopping mall, where the area is divided into small compartments and offered on rent to sellers. Like the physical shop owner who pays rent for one or more of such compartments to open up their shop and offer their wares to potential customers, an online merchant rents a domain space on these online portal drivers such as Amazon and eBay to attract potential customers from their locality, their country, or all across the globe.

How does reliable marketplace security come into place?

As an online provider with a trusted shop, you need to know certain things about the local configuration of the dealer, such as the operating system they are working with, the mail software they are using, the login details, what their internal marketplace security network looks like, etc. Such information is important to know while preparing for any possible future attack wave. Hosting millions of marketplace seller worldwide with distinct login functions and security concerns, the providers need to be at their technical best.

The importance of this cannot be overstated, but a safe access password for login is necessary for the proper security of your interests in a multi-channel marketing system. Along with that, using methods such as cloud services and data storage, regularly installing tested security updates on windows or Apple, reducing user rights on your PC or Mac to prevent the installation of software under your user so that the risks of your computer and subsequently your account being infected with malware is curbed to a minimum.

Also, it is important to do a regular malware scan, preferably after every time you log in. We understand that the internet and its nuances can be quite complicated, which is why we are here to help you out.

Why would you choose Marktplatz Sicherheit?

We are sensitive to your needs here, and with the and Vario Software Cloud, you have an effective alternative to the prevalent systems. We are not just internet service providers and shop systems operators. We also offer goods and ERP systems in the Windows platform as a cloud service.

Apart from that, you don’t have to set up a website and additional shop software. By using our services, you will be able to avail a complete Shopware system with interfaces for eBay, Amazon,, kaufland, de, etc. We also offer a two-month trial to our customers, when they can test all the multi-channel functions of our service.

Utilizing a cloud connection, one can access their ERP system or goods from anywhere in the world with an internal mobile device. Our safe password management and high security of the workplace guarantees top-tier marketplace security to our customers. The fact that passwords can be stored exclusively in the software/cloud space ensures that it cannot be found on the user’s computer, no matter how many times they login. Furthermore, our cloud desktops are heavily secured technically, ensuring no unauthorized manipulation. Nobody does online marketplace security better than